Below are some pictures that prove the existance of the Greek civilization at the B.C. ages ,all over the America's region. These pictures have to do with the ancient civilizations of Incas, Maya, Toltecs, Olmecs, and all these cultures have the Greek influence inside them . Each thumbnail photo is a link to a larger version of the same photograph.

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Uxmal the royal entrance

Uxmal Mexico. Greek meanders (greek keys), spiral decorations and the entrance in the shape of the greek letter L (Lamda).
Three greek symbols in the same photo are too much to be a coincidence.

The treasury of Atreus

Mycenae. The treasury of Atreus - entrance to the tholos tomb.

Uxmal the governor palace

Uxmal Mexico. The Governor's palace.

Cycladic krater

Cycladic krater from 650 BC. The highlighted meander is exactly the same as the decorated relief from the governor's palace of Uxmal. From the National Archaeological Museum of Athens.

The Quetzalpapalotl palace

The Quetzalpapalotl palace - Mexico. The greek letter L (Lamda) can be recognized. The greek waves symbol can be recognized also.

The Knossos palace

Knossos palace - Crete. The similarity is obvious.

Fresco from the Quetzalpapalotl palace

Fresco from the Quetzalpapalotl palace - Mexico. Waves symbols again and again.

Eleusinian amphora

Eleusinian amphora. Meanders-greek keys, spirals, waves depicted here as usual in all ancient greek pottery. From the Museum of Eleusis.

Bowl from Peru

Ceramic bowl from Peru - Wari - Ayacucho region. 6th - 9th cent A.D. Meanders are depicted and here also.

Eleusis amphora

Amphora from Eleusis. Meanders same as in the bowl from Peru.

Uxmal stoa

Uxmal stoa from Mexico.

Tiryns stoa

Tiryns stoa. The architecture design is almost the same with Uxmal stoa.