Here is a clear and comprehensive guide to the religious and secular life of the Greek-American community. This book provides an easy-to-understand explanation of Orthodox and Hellenic traditions in America for the newcomer and for Greek Americans wishing to learn more. Here are the traditions of Orthodoxy so that the reader can understand and follow services in church and related practices at home. You will learn how to plan a baptism, observe name days, and bake communion bread. You will become acquainted with customs that enrich daily life: What to name your baby, how to buy Greek popular music, and what to say on special occasions in Greek. Details about holidays, especially the Easter season, should prove invaluable to all Greek-American households. The book not only will enable someone new to the Greek-American community to feel at home quickly, but also will broaden the lives of Greek-American families through a better understanding of their heritage. It will serve as an invaluable reference for all Greek Orthodox families.

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